Saa-Orgone Bell on Waist Beads up to 47in


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With the consistent bombardment of harmful energies that swirl in our environment from EMFs (electromagnetic fields), microwaves, cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, chemtrails etc. and the imminent spread of 5G, protections against these stagnant and detrimental energies are necessary to maintain harmony and balance.

How to tie waist beads (see image). Put the beads around your waist and measure to desired size. Remove excess beads by pushing them down the string, depending on the length of the string you can leave the excess beads on the string otherwise push them off into a bowl or something similar so that they can be contained. Once you have the desired length, tie a firm knot in the string that will be flush to the beads on each side. If comfortable doing so add a dot of crazy glue to the knot for extra security. Cut access string.

Waist beads can be worn as frequently as desired and with all normal day to day and life activities. They can be worn in the shower as well, please keep in mind that excessive water can eventually weaken the string.
To remove, the options are to shimmy them upwards, up the belly, roll them up the breast (sometimes one breast at a time is the protocol) and continue to carefully shimmy them up the shoulders and over the head. If the shimmy method is not possible they will need to be cut with scissors. Normally once cut, they would need to be re-strung, or a new set of waist beads would be needed to replace them if so desired. However in some cases, especially when weight loss has occurred, more beads can be removed and the excess string can be tied again.

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